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Seasonal Maintenance

The pool equipment requires more in-depth maintenance on a periodic basis.  These
are preventative maintenance items that help to extend the life of the equipment and insure dependable operation. 

1.  Pool Filter

DE Filters – disassemble and manually clean every six months

Sand Filters – change the sand every 3-5 years

Cartridge Filters – replace the cartridges every 3-5 years

2.  Backwash Valve – disassemble and lubricate the seals on the valve with
silicone based lubricant.  This will help them to operate smoothly and avoid premature wear and tear.

3.  Valves – make sure the valves operate smoothly and fairly easily. 
Some valves can be disassembled and lubricated.  The newer never-lube style valves should not be lubricated.

4.  Heater – clean debris out of the heater and make sure it operates
properly.  More information.

5.  Poolsweep – check for wear and replace wear items as needed.  More

6.  Salt System – remove the cell and inspect for scale.  Lightly acid
wash if needed.

7.  Electronic Control Systems – replace the backup battery once each year
(if applicable).

8.  Freeze Protector – test the sensor with ice to make sure it turns the
equipment on.