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Leaf Bagging the Pool

The largest part of the pool service process is cleaning the dirt and debris off of the
bottom of the pool.  This is normally done using a pool vacuum, but in some cases, a leaf bagging device may be needed. 
Here is the process of setting up and using a pool vacuum.

1.  Assemble the Equipment – connect your extension pole to the leaf
bagger.  Then connect the garden hose.  If your pool uses a booster pump to run the poolsweep, it is possible to make a hose that will allow you to use the high
pressure from the poolsweep pump to power the leaf bagger.  This generally gives much better results than using a garden hose because of the better water pressure.

2.  Submerge the Leaf Bagger – be sure to get the air out of the leaf bag
or the leaf bagger will try to float on you.  Usually moving the leaf bagger from side to side in sharp movements will push the air out of the bag.

3.  Clean the Pool – it is usually best to move the leaf bagger around in
circular patterns rather than in a linear pattern (as you would in vacuuming the pool). Leaf bagging is kind of like connecting the
dots.  You move from one group of leaves to the next in a very irregular fashion.  

4.  Brush the Pool – while this is covered in the next section, the point
in including it here is to say that if you use the leafmaster, it will leave the dirt behind, just picking up the leaves.  This makes it more important to brush down
the pool entirely to stir up the dirt so that a good percentage of the dirt will be sucked into the main drain.

When you are done, pull the equipment out of the pool and turn the water off. 
Don’t turn the water off until the leaf bagger is out of the pool (or all the leaves will come out of the bag and you will be really mad).  You are now ready to move
on to netting and brushing the pool.