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Pool Service Equipment 

Taking care of the pool equipment will insure that it takes proper care of your pool. 
The circulation and filtration system must be kept in proper working order.  This requires a small amount of attention each week as outlined in this section. 

1.  Empty the Pump Trap  – turn off the pump, close the intake valves
and empty the trap basket.  Inspect the basket closely and replace if it is damaged in any way. 

2.  Backwash or Clean the Filter – when the pressure on the filter gauge
rises 5-8 psi, it is time to backwash the filter (DE and sand filters) or disassemble and clean the filter (cartridge filters).

3.  Check for Leaks – look carefully around the equipment area to make sure
that there are no leaks that may damage the equipment.  Pump seal leaks should be repaired ASAP.

4.  Other Maintenance – since pool equipment varies so widely from pool to
pool, it is important to make sure there are no items being missed.  Here are a few to consider:

Salt Systems – make sure it is working properly with no warning lights. 
Inspect the cell periodically for scale or debris that will inhibit operation.

Energy Filter – this is a small filter used for pressure side pool cleaners and
it should be cleaned out each week.

About once or twice per year the equipment will require preventative maintenance items
that are covered under the heading of seasonal maintenance.