:   Preliminaries  |  Vacuuming 
Leaf Bagging  |  Plaster Care  |  Chemical
  |   Equipment Care  |  Seasonal Maintenance  

Weekly Pool Service

Providing proper care for your pool does not require a genius, it simply requires a
person that will provide consistent attention to the little details.  Pools are not hard to care for, but they are rather unforgiving if you let up on any area of the
pool’s needed maintenance.

With 20 years experience in the field of swimming pool maintenance, we have come up
with a service plan that should be easy for anyone to follow.  It takes about one hour per week on the typical pool if you do the service visit in it’s entirety.

Step One:  Preliminaries – 5 minutes

Empty skimmers, net surface, service the poolsweep. 

Step Two:  Vacuum the Pool – 25 minutes

Use either a vacuum or leafmaster
to clean the bottom. 

Step Three:  Plaster Care – 10 minutes

Brush the seats, steps and walls and net debris off the surface. 

Step Four:  Pool Chemical Care – 10 minutes  

Empty traps, backwash (if needed), check for leaks. 

Step Five:  Pool Equipment Care – 10 minutes

Test water chemistry and make adjustments as needed.

Seasonal Maintenance

Pool equipment care that will extend its life.