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This is a typical pool pump.  Note the parts of the pump.  On the front of the pump you have a pump trap which
has a basket that traps small debris and keeps it from clogging the pump.  The pump body is where a “fanblade-like” impeller sucks in the water and
forces it out the top of the pump.  The pump motor is what drives the pump.  The motor is air cooled while the pump is by its very nature water cooled.

This diagram illustrates how a pump operates.  Water is drawn in the front of the pump, goes through the trap basket
where the debris is strained out, and then is pulled into the impeller and thrust out the top of the pump.  The front of the pump is referred to as the suction
side and the top of the pump where the water comes out is referred to as the pressure side of the pump.

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