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Sand Filters


Probably the most common form of pool filter is a sand filter.  Sand filters have evolved over the years to the point that we now
have the high rate sand filters that are capable of a flow rate of 15 – 20 gallons per minute per square foot of filter area.

The water enters the filter through the upper bulkhead fitting.  It passes through the diffuser which causes it to
pass evenly through the sand bed.  As the water passes down through the sand bed, debris in the water is trapped between the grains of sand.  A lateral
assembly at the bottom of the filter collects the water and returns it to the pool.  The air relief tube serves to continuously remove air pockets
from the top of the filter.  The air relief valve offers a way to manually remove an air pocket in the filter.

A sand filter removes debris down to about 40 microns in size.  This is adequate for pools in most situations.  A DE
filter removes debris down to about 5-8 microns in size, but it is not practical for heavily used pools in most situations.



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