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Pool Water Chemistry

Pool chemistry is the part about pool care that confuses people the most.  It is
also the item that is most often neglected in pool care.  It is important to remember that proper water quality protects your swimmers, protects the pool and its
equipment and helps keep algae under control.  

We have split the water chemistry section into small sections to keep the learning



Find out what chlorine does.  Learn how to test
and adjust the chlorine level.  Understand the operation and maintenance of chlorine
and saltwater systems.


Learn the importance of pH balance.  Learn how to test
and adjust the pH level.

Total Alkalinity

Find out why Total Alkalinity is so important.  Learn how to test
and adjust the alkalinity level.  Understand the importance of solution vs.

Calcium Hardness

Read about Calcium Hardness level.  Learn how to test
and adjust the hardness level.


What does stabilizer do?  Learn how to test
for stabilizer
and how to treat a high stabilizer level.  Read all about the great
stabilizer debate

Salt Water Systems 

Find out how saltwater chlorinators work.  Learn about the benefits
and differences over traditional systems and read frequently asked questions.  Get help choosing
a system
and sizing a system to your pool as well as maintaining and troubleshooting
a salt system.


Read more about how to treat cloudy water.