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Choosing a Pool Cleaner

Pressure-side cleaner w/o booster pump


What do I need to
make this work?

  • A dedicated
    pressure line (see illustration)

  • Main Pool
    Circulating pump ¾ HP or larger

  • No Booster Pump

  • Pressure Side
    Cleaner that does not require a booster pump

What is a Dedicated
Pressure Line?

This is a
single line that runs from the pool return line to a single 1.5 inch
threaded return fitting on the pool wall. The line is not connected to a
pump or more than one return fitting. Where the dedicated pressure line
connects to the pool return line there should be a 3-way diverter valve
for adjusting water flow to the cleaner. Many dedicated pressure lines
also have a small in-line filter, usually the Jandy Energy Filter.

What are the
advantages of this type of Pool Cleaner?


The pressure side pool cleaner does not
vacuum debris  into your pump or filter but into a bag that can be

2. The other major
advantage is that this type cleaner does not require a booster
pump, so you save electricity by only operating one pump, the main
circulating pump.

3. Reaches more areas
and cleans better than the suction type cleaners.

NOTE:  A dedicated
is a pipe that runs from the equipment area to the pool to
deliver pressure or suction to the cleaner.  A dedicated line on
the pressure side
is one that operates under pressure.  It
delivers water pressure to the cleaner to operate it.  A dedicated
line on the suction side
is one that operates under suction. 
It delivers suction to the cleaner to operate it.

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