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Choosing a Pool Cleaner

Booster Pump Driven Cleaner

is a Booster Pump?

The booster pump is a
small ¾ HP pump, with a motor and wet end but no strainer pot or basket.
It is plumbed  to the return line of the pool, as shown by the red
line in the illustration (below). Three manufacturers make booster
pumps, all of which look like or very similar to the Polaris PB4 Booster
Pump in the photo. Booster pumps can be plumbed using either rigid ¾”
PVC pipe or flexible hoses with threaded plastic connectors.

benefit in this type of sweep is that you get consistent pressure
to the cleaner for consistent performance.

How do I know
if I have the Dedicated Poolsweep Line?

shown by the red plumbing line in the illustration (at right), the
dedicated pressure line runs from the pool return line to the
Booster Pump and then from the Booster Pump to a return fitting on
the pool wall.

return fitting is of the universal type, a 1.5 inch fitting threaded
on the inside to receive the Universal Wall Fitting to which
automatic pool cleaners can be attached, regardless of brand or

Pressure Side with Booster Pump illustration

Click on diagram to
enlarge if needed.

What do I need to make this work?

Why choose a cleaner with a booster pump?

The Booster Pump provides consistent
pressure to the cleaner for consistent performance.

Booster Pump Models

If your pool is already equipped
with a dedicated booster pump for the pool sweep, you have several
very good options in pool cleaners.

Booster Pumps include these:  
Polaris Booster Pump 3/4 HP, 115/230v (PB4-60)    

Polaris PB4-60

Pentair Booster Pump LA01N

Hayward Booster Pump 6060



  • Dedicated
    Poolsweep Line

  • Booster

  • Timer



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