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Cartridge Filter Maintenance

Cartridge Filter Maintenance

A cartridge filter is generally the simplest to maintain, because it involves a form of filter media that is easy to clean and/or replace. 

Cleaning Instructions

Cartridge filters should be cleaned when the pressure rises to 5-8 lbs above normal.  In the case of large capacity filters (over 300
square feet) this may only require cleaning on an annual or semi-annual basis.

The cleaning process is as follows:

Disassemble the filter and remove the cartridges and clean with a normal garden hose nozzle.  DO NOT USE A PRESSURE WASHER OR YOU MAY
DAMAGE THE FILTER FABRIC.  If the cartridges are embedded with oils or dirt, it might be necessary to use a special filter cleaner for this.  If the filter
cleaner does not help, then the cartridges will need to be replaced.

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