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Backwash – Separation Tanks

Separation Tanks

If the builder is installing a DE filter, but is not able to run a backwash line to the sanitary sewer, he will often include a
separation tank  in the equipment set.  It does take some special instruction and attention to detail.  Before attempting to backwash a filter that has a
separation tank, the pool operator must be certain of what he or she is doing.  If not, a pool professional should be called in to give some professional instruction.


Instructions for backwashing with a separation tank:

  1. Turn the pump off.
  2. Check the separation tank to make sure the bag is empty.  Make sure the separation tank is securely closed prior to backwashing.
  3. Open the intake and return valves on the separation tank.
  4. Backwash as normal.
  5. When backwashing is complete, close the intake and return valves
  6. Empty the bag and close the tank.

Note:  If the separation tank is small, it may be necessary to empty it once or twice during the backwash process. 

The downside to using a separation tank is the fact that it slows down the flow of water through the filter.  This reduces the
effectiveness of the backwash.  Wherever possible, the backwash line should be directed to the sewer rather than through a separation tank.

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