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Stainfree is an all natural way to eliminate staining to pool liners and finishes. Stainfree is idea for treating staining on all pool surfaces. Stainfree is a citric acid product. Use Natural Chemistry’s METALfree and you have the ultimate 1-2 combination from stain fighting!

  • MSDS Sheet
  • Less expensive alternative to ascorbic acid
  • Effective on vinyl and fiberglass surfaces
  • Compatible with all sanitizers and pool surfaces
  • Phosphate-free formula
  • 100% citric acid
  • All natural way to eliminate staining

Direction for use:


A non-polymer filter aid MUST be used in sand filters with this product

  1. Add 1lb of Stainfree per 10,000 gallons (38,000L) of water. With the filtration system on, walk around the pool and sprinkle the product evenly on the surface, brush stained areas.
  2. One hour later, add METALfree to pool water at the rate of 32oz (1L) per 20,000 gallons (75,000L)
  3. 24 hours later, pool must be thoroughly vacuumed and the filter cleaned
  4. Test water and balance water if necessary

Important: DO NOT shock pool for one week. If chlorine level is low, add small amounts of chlorine. Do not exceed 2ppm.


How do I remove staining and discoloration caused by metals?

On the left side of the STAINfree product page click on “instructions”. This is a complete step by step instruction sheet for the STAINfree removal process

How to I test to make sure my stain is from metals?

On the left side of the STAINfree product page click on “instructions”. This is a complete step by step instruction sheet for the STAINfree removal process

Tips & Info

  • Before beginning stain removal treatment be sure to test water for phosphates, and treat if necessary.
  • When you apply StainFree to your water it will remove the stain from wherever it lands. In spots that are heavily stained or hard to reach like your steps and around the fixtures, you can save a few ounces of StainFree from your original application, put it into a sock and rub it directly on those areas.
  • Ensure that sanitizer levels are at 1ppm before beginning the stain removal process. Automatic Chlorinators should be turned off and pucks removed from the skimmers. Be sure not to shock your pool for at least one week after applying Stainfree.
  • If running a sand filter be sure to add filter aid prior to beginning stain removal process. A non polymer, pulp paper based product works best.
  • To prevent future staining be sure to go on the maintenance dose of Metalfree at a rate of 4oz/10,000gal every week.
  • Even though Stainfree is non toxic, it is advisable not to swim due to the reduced amounts of sanitizer within the pool.
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